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Cenová ponuka
Glass board is a new standard in visual communication and represents a modern solution of presentations. Beautifully glossy surface of coloured and hardened glass allows easy and fluent writing, followed by simple cleaning of the surface without spots.
Your personality should also be reflected in your home. It is really a kind of art to keep pace with the modern design. And your home can be as unique as you are. With glass pictures not only will go ahead of your time but also perfectly inspirit the space where you feel good.
Glass information plates represent an elegant solution of labelling your inner premises. Practical and very elegant glass plates next to the door are an aid for your customers for better orientation.
Sliding glass door KOLO video-manual
Design glass picture video-manual
Hinged glass door, designed for a construction aperture video-manual
Glass printed hinged glass door designed for a door frame video-manual
Sliding glass door with compact door rail video-manual
Kitchen glass backsplash video-manual